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Hi everyone to my Speak Your Mind Blog site. I hope that you enjoy it and hope that you say absolutely what's honestly in your heart on each subject. ENJOY and GOD BLESS

Friday, March 12, 2010

Stop Your Financial Desperation Now

Wow, money issues, been there and done that. Everyone encounter financial problems once in a while or even weeks, months or years at time. Your strength lies in what you do and how you react when they come.

Some people steal, some even kill, some deal drugs, some get caught up in scam and some people just sit and do nothing and accept their life the way it is with LACK. Lack of finance cause us to be so desperate at time, we'll do just about anything to get out of the situation. Desperation causes us not to think clearly and causes us to make some very silly and stupid mistakes. I remember one time home, that a guy killed another guy just for a DOLLAR. My goodness, it's ridiculous.

I have never encounter financial problems until 2 years ago, after things went sour between my dad and I with the father/daughter relationship we had (Long Story). I had it all, I had my own car, paid allowance every week and still had no idea what I was going to do with it except help out friends. I didn't have to pay for gas, food, bills, books, nothing, my dad took care of it all. And two years ago, I became financially desperate, in my heart I knew I would have made it out but I didn't know how. I became so desperate, I tried almost anything, cleaning jobs, I tried setting up all sought of home businesses, such as data entry stuff, selling products online, I was trying anything. And some of those mistakes has taught me a whole lot and now I'm a stronger, wiser person. Being in the state that I was in made me seek for God, because there was no other way that I would have gotten out of it except through Christ. Your financial situation can either make you or break you.

Some people have too much pride to ask for help and as a result get even more messed up. I never regretted being in my situation because it helped me to find God again and that is the most important thing. A lot of times we focus on what we don't have instead of focusing on what we do have, and the most important thing to have in our lives right now is God. In his word, he said "seek him first and all other things will be added," Yes and that includes money. In Matthew chapter 6, verse 24, it states, "No one can serve two masters, for either he will hate one and love the other, or he will stand by and be devoted to one and despise and be against the other. You cannot serve God and mammon(which are deceitful riches, money, possessions or whatever is trusted in).

Some of us are so caught up in money we forget what is truly important. We forget about God, our family, our friends and we even forget who we truly are as a person.

Be not desperate for money, but be desperate for God and once you do that, whatever your situation is, you wouldn't see a Lack thereof, but you will see a gain of everything else that is there to make your life peaceful and successful.

Look, this is easier said than done. Why don't you just try it? There is no harm that can come from trying but only good. Take a step towards God and put him first for once and then you won't have to worry about your finance again. Surround yourself with people that would encourage you in those tough moments because sometimes you do need the encouragement.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Forgive In Order To Move On

The Encarta Dictionary states that to forgive means, “to stop being angry at something: stop being angry about or resenting somebody or somebody’s behavior.”

Some of you wonder why you’re still so bitter about everything and/or everyone? Maybe you’re wondering why you feel like such a wreck? Only you would know what’s truly going on in your life and heart and only you would know if you resent anyone and if you do how much you resent that person. It’s time to forgive, and many, many times, after you truly forgive someone from your heart, a lot of things will change in your life. Having an unforgiving spirit, causes someone not to move on, and it’s because you can’t move on, why your life is so miserable.

I know a thing or two about not forgiving someone. I love my Father to death but I never realized how much I resented him until I came to Canada. He’s done many great things in my life but from growing up what I’ve seen and experienced made me begrudged him for a while. Like I’ve written before, I’ve watched him physical abuse my mom for a long time as a child growing up. I blamed him for throwing my brothers out the house, three of which has died. Two died one year after the other and the third one died just a week before my wedding last year. I've always thought that if he didn’t kick them out the house, they wouldn’t have been on the path they were to get caught up being on the streets. Look, there are many things he did right and many things he did wrong but I couldn’t live this life, especially a being born again child of God and not be able to forgive my dad, despite of everything.

We as human beings have done, and is still doing  so many wicked, crucial and terrible things on this earth and God forgives us every time.  He loves us so much he sent his only child to die for our sins.
Psalms 78 verse 38 states, “But He full of merciful compassion, forgave their iniquity and destroyed them not; yes, many at a time He turned his anger away and did not stir up all His wrath and indignation. God has given us the power to turn away from wrath as well. Stop wasting time on friends and neighbors and family and anyone around you, who you seem to have a hard time forgiving. Living a life like this doesn't get you anywhere, except that, some of the people who you seem to can’t forgive is moving on and reaching higher places, while you are still in that ridiculous, pathetic, unforgiving state that you are in.

It’s time to forgive. Don’t just do it for them but most of all do it for yourself, so you can become a better person. Do it so you can achieve and be where you want to be in life, rather than being stuck at an intersection, not knowing which street you need to take.
Yes, maybe someone has done something so terrible to you, but just remember that they are not living your life, they don’t make you who you are, that’s up to you. Live your life and leave the battling for God.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Negativity Kills You & Positivity Gives You Life

Ever wonder why bad things keep happening in your life? Well simple, of course bad things keep happening because you keep wondering and trying to figure out, why bad things keep happening. The mind is very very powerful, more powerful than a lot of us think. As human beings, we often complain about how poor we are, how our job sucks, how our neighbors are or even how our own family or friends are. Maybe we should just start complaining about why we are complaining about others, really, do we have all that time to waste?
You have to realize that we are more than just, "Human Beings." We are powerful, We are unstoppable, We are more than conquerors. You are what you think you are. If you think your a dumb blond, then you're a dumb blond, if you think you're a criminal, then you are a criminal, if you think you're weak, then you are weak. Whatever you think you are, is how people are going to see you.

Pastor Gary once said, "If you think Lack, you talk lack." Most times whatever we think, proceeds out of our mouth and once that proceeds, that's what you are going to get. It's not just about guarding your mind but also your tongue.

A lot of people in this world has died because for years, because they have feared the very thought of dying the exact way they died. For example, some people have feared dying from cancer, that they focus on it so much, they ended up getting cancer and dying from it. It's just like believing in ghosts and fearing ghosts so much, until you actually end up seeing one, or even dying of a heart attack or becoming mental from seeing one. I don't know about you, but I've never seen a ghosts, don't believe in ghosts and whether they exists or not, I frankly don't care, I got more important things to believe in. (Sorry to all my friends and families for the ghosts stories and about your experience with ghosts, it was fun while it

It is time for us to start thinking positively and make it habitual. People are addicted to alcohol, crack and smoking, some want to be better, and some love the high they feel by being addicted to these things. We all know this eventually ends up badly, if you don't seek help. My point is, why not become addicted to thinking positively? What's the worse that can happen by forming such a habit? Oh yeah, other than well, everything that can possibly happen in your life go right and that's not such a bad idea.

Oh stop being sorry for yourselves and rise to the occasion to make things happen in your life. You are the only ones who can turn things around. You want to be successful, go ahead, keep thinking about it and put things into action. You want to stop being such a jerk to yourself and to others, then just change your way of thinking.Stop making excuses, because that's going to eventually kill you to.

People always say, "Well the best things in life are always the hardest things to do." Well I say, if you want the best things in life, then it shouldn't be that hard to do, just do it. Our minds are so powerful, God has given us that power and a choice, so Do you want to keep killing yourself? or Do you want to keep giving yourself Life?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day: Best Ways To Please Your Woman

 It's Valentine's Day once again, and for those people who don't have a love one, well, this is definitely not their favorite day at all. For all the men out there, it's not hard to please a women on Valentine's Day or any other day for that matter. But on this very special day for lovers (although you shouldn't wait until valentine's to show how much you care) the simplest ways are always the best (although expensive gifts wouldn't, IF you can afford it). You don't need a lot of money to show her how much you love her. Get creative, be inspired by your love for her and her love for you. Make yourself the competition of outdoing yourself creatively, when it comes to giving her the best on Valentine's Day.

Now, all women love flowers and flowers are really not expensive, if you can't afford from a flower gift shop, there is always Sobeys and Atlantic Superstore, that has beautiful flowers for less. If you don't know how to make her a meal, order some food and make it special as a dinner. Dollar store has candles and decorative stuff for valentine's, and the best part is, they are just for a DOLLAR.

If you're not working, but still want to show her your appreciation, have no fear, there are still many things that you can do. Give her a nice card, you can make it at home and write your own words from your heart, trust me fellows, it goes a long way. You can also clean up the room nice and give her a wonderful massage from head to toe, and tell her how much you love her and appreciate her and how much she means to you. WORDS mean more than anything.

Saying you don't have any money, is not an excuse, that don't work no more. Please, the best thing you can do is say something, tell her how you feel and don't say "well she already knows," nope, that's not an excuse either. Say something you won't normally say.

A Woman just wants to feel love and appreciated. Actions do speak louder than words but words from the heart would echo forever. Love and Peace Everyone and HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Do Women Stay With Abusive Men?

Physical abuse is something that I know about and have seen. As a little girl, I watched my dad beat and hit my mom for years. Sometimes I watched as he hit her until she couldn't move and there was nothing I could have done except to cry. One time I remember my mom said that my sister and I were holding my dad's feet so that he wouldn't be able to move in order to hit I can't even remember that, I was so little. And my mom stood by him all those years of abuse, and I asked her one day WHY ?, and she said, "it was because of you guys." At that time my mom had 11 children, the 3 older ones were not living with us at the time. My sister and I were the youngest ones and she didn't leave my dad because she wouldn't have been able to support us on her own. My dad had a huge business and money and she couldn't leave due to financial reasons, so she stuck it out for years.

Many women do the very same thing when children are involved, they stay with their abusive husband and/or boyfriend because of financial reasons. Other women stay because they lack self esteem and that's a huge thing.

My sister who is back home in the Caribbean is currently with this guy who she has been seeing for years. Now he has cheated on her a few times with his "baby mama," and he has hit my sister a few times but for the life of me, I'm trying to understand why she wouldn't leave his "rusty backside." The only conclusion I can come up with is that she doesn't want to be alone. Some women are so afraid of being without a man and being alone that they stand for anything, right down to the man who cheats and in this case, hit them.

After watching my mother go through what she did, I promised myself that I would never let a man hit me. In fact, I should be the one hitting, taking back my I have fought a few times in primary school and high school and 92% of the time, they were boys because they want to feel like they can come and bully people and one day they decided to bully the wrong girl and I beat their asses. What I'm trying to say is, men who beat women are bullies and pathetic and you must not allow them to take your power away from you because that's what they are doing when they hit you and you do absolutely nothing about it.

Some women stay in the hope that the man would change and that is not impossible. My dad changed, although him and my mom are now divorced, he's never hit another woman in his life again and that is something that I am proud of him for and that I respect him for. Now I'm not saying that you should all stay and wait for the man to change, sometimes you have to leave in order for him to change. Sometimes you have to call out for help so that he can get psychological treatment because sometimes that's what some men need, because we have no idea what their past was like or what they went through to become this way, but fact is some, very few men, do change.

To you women who are trying to leave at the end of the night, trying to pack bags while he is sleeping and looking all suspicious, CUT IT TO HELL OUT NOW. Don't try to leave while he is home and pretend like everything is alright, don't go around looking nervous and fearful all the time, he will sense that. Take the time to observe and monitor and see his moments and when he's out LEAVE, and please don't try to take your entire wardrobe with you, don't. It's best to have little or no clothes at all and still have a life while you can.

No man has ever hit me, but I know what it's like and although I haven't directly experienced it, I may not know exactly how you women feel, but the fact of the matter is, saying to yourself, "No one understands," or "I have to stay for the sake of my children," won't make you feel better. Don't you know if you're not happy, neither are your kids?. NO you don't have to stay and pitying yourself won't get you out. It's strength and courage and opening up to the ones like your friends who are there for you, is going to help you get out and through your abusive relationship. Sometimes you have to remember that you can't do it all on your own. And for your own sake, be positive, and let fear leave your life. It's bad enough that you have a man hitting you but to add constant fear to that, wow, it would only break you down even more. Don't stay in an abusive relationship because of your children but instead, leave the abusive relationship because of your children, it would work wonders and you would see the change in your life and your children lives as time goes by. God Bless you.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Who Said That God Doesn't Exist?

Who said that God doesn't exist? Some people are going to agree while others don't but hey, this is why it's a matter of opinion and well this is my opinion or should I say a stated fact.

To answer that pressing question, in my opinion only fools think that God doesn't exist, because maybe they are the ones waking themselves up in the morning and allowing themselves to breathe each day and live life, or in some cases, we have the folks who stated that the "Universe" is the one who controls their fate.

I know for a fact that God exists and some people do agree with me. In the Bible (which is the only book in the world that speaks all truth and life), if you take a look at Genesis chapter 1 verse 1, it states, "In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth." So not only does God exists, the heaven exists also. The earth is what we live in and God created that, so the very same place that we have life on, is the same God who some of you seem to question created the earth. Who do you think woke you up this morning? who do you think made your eyes to see, ears to hear, organs to function. This definitely is not the work of the "Universe." or some sought of "Evolution." I respect the scientists and may God bless them but you gotta be out of your minds to think I came from some "Monkey."

In John chapter 1 verse 3, it states, "All things were made by him (which mean God), and without him was not anything made that was made." So if your wondering where the stars, moon, sun, all those beautiful things of the earth, that maybe you just can't seem to explain where they came from, well like it says in the verse, God made them, he made them all.

Look it's time to stop wondering, time to stop trying to figure out the world, the universe and the beautiful creations of this earth and give God thanks for them. Where would we be if it wasn't for him? Where would this earth be if it wasn't for him? Don't thank him when things are good, thank him when the road seems hard to travel on. Many times, that's all he wants us to do, stop questioning and complaining and just give THANKS.To deny him, it's like you're committing suicide because denying him is denying your own life and self worth.

He does exists, I AM LIVING PROOF.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Obesity: Should we Blame Ourselves?

Research shows that there is about 35% of women who don't know how to cook. This is a crime by itself because due to the fact that so many women don't know how to cook, it has caused major obesity within their homes. When a woman doesn't know how to cook, they end of buying food almost everyday and most of the times it is some sought of fast food, junk or even an order from a restaurant. This can cause major obesity within their kids and even themselves.

I am from the Caribbean, my country is called St.Vincent and the Grenadines. In my country, over 90% of the men there wants a women who can cook and that is one of the qualities that they look for. It is in fact a turn off if a woman doesn't know how to cook. This is not only a result of culture but the fact that it was past down from generation to generation, where parents teach their children, especially their girl child to cook, and they couldn't say no, they had to learn. It was fun learning and parents made it fun to learn, so it wasn't a chore. I use to love watching my mom cook and helping her. It was so much stirring or helping her add ingredients, and it also made me feel some sought of self accomplishment, knowing that when we ate dinner, I helped cooked.

Knowing how to cook also decreases the cost of food on a monthly basis. It's a lot cheaper to buy groceries and cook rather than to buy food everyday which really costs a lot of money.

The fact that so many children are obese these days are because their parents are not taking charge in teaching their kids good and healthy eating habits. They are not teaching their kids about the right and proper foods that are best for them and their health. A lot of times children rebel on what they want to eat because that's the way their parents taught them from birth. If parents teach their kids about the correct and proper food habits from babies, it wouldn't be a huge problem on trying to get them to eat healthy and proper food when they are older.

Don't wait until the problem arises to get children to eat healthy, train them at an early stage (baby) and I'm pretty sure that would decrease your stress and headaches as time goes by. And please, if you don't know how to cook, learn, ans teach your children to cook. Cooking would help bond the relationship with you and your children, it would be something that you can really share together as a family. And you know what? It wouldn't hurt having an extra characteristic to your personality. Along with honesty and loyalty, you can now say well "I can cook."
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